Our purpose is to be the vehicle

for big thinking and great ideas.

We do this by helping people and organizations realize their brand, articulate their ideas and connect them to the world in a meaningful way.

When we can bring people, organizations, and great ideas to life. We have the power to impact the world, creating positive change and innovations for all to enjoy.

Brandin Hall

Partner, Creative Director, Photographer

The term ``Jack of all trades`` could be used - But let's cut out the ``master of none`` part. Brandin is the founder of Creative House Media and the multi-talented guy behind the scenes making everything from Graphic Design, Web Development, Photography, Marketing to Search Engine Optimization happen here at the Creative House. Brandin wont hesitate to get you fired up about the ``Big Idea`` followed by all the possibilities of making it happen.

Steve Nessner

Partner, Marketing

Steve is our friendly neighbourhood social butterfly.
He takes care of the front end of creative house. Whether it be talking over the phone or meeting directly with you, he will ensure your time with us is as valuable as possible.

When you first meet Steve you will notice he asks a lot of questions. Don’t be alarmed, he isn’t a private investigator, he is just gauging what your future looks like with the help of our team. Since he is always looking to improve on everything. If he has no questions for you then you know you must being doing something very, very well.

Taking inspiration from the legendary businessmen Elon Musk, Bill Gates and Henry Ford, his favorite quote goes.

``If i asked the people what they wanted, they would have asked for faster horses``

Brittanie Riches

Jr Designer, Account Manager

Brittanie is our Account Manager and Jr Graphic Designer.
You’ll find Brittanie day dreaming about design while keeping on top of the rest of the team to keep deadlines and meet client expectations. She is a great designer who is continuing to develop her skills. Her ability to work with people while staying creative is what we love most about her.
Brittanie is a mother of two beautiful girls, Sophia and Izabella. How does she manage to do it all? We are still trying to figure it out!

A small company with big ideas

Why Creative House Media?

We have a vision

A company deeply rooted in a vision to provide a quality standard that raises the bar. We set our sights on being the best and providing the best for our team and our clients. Our vision is to work with and build the best websites and brands in the world.

We get results

We fully appreciate and know that the quality we provide to our clients is our best sales tool, we understand that when we do great work, we get more business and build stronger relationships with our clients. We focus on making our clients successful. Because when they win, so do we.

We are Different

When you are looking to get extraordinary results, look for an extraordinary company. We are a group that is focus on building our team based on values and goals for providing vision, creativity and passion towards making our clients achieve more success, helping them be more and do more.

Rooted in values.

Our company culture.


It’s the love for what you do, the thing that gives you the drive to make incredible things happen, we believe passion is our number one value when doing work and seeking new members to join our team.


We are big on the idea of having a bold vision, not only for our clients but for our team. We want everyone to reach their vision and we promote the pursuit of making dreams happen.


We are artists, designers and creative thinkers that are truly passionate with a vision to make incredible things happen. We value all types of creativity and promote out-of-the-box thinking and we embrace new ideas.

Let’s make

Great things happen.

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