Pay Per Click advertising (PPC) is a way of creating text and image based advertisements on search engines like Google, where you pay every time someone clicks on your ad and visits your website. When you create a Pay Per Click campaign through a program like Google AdWords, you’ll want to choose keywords (terms your audience will type into Google’s search form to search for something)
To trigger a text advertisement that will promote a product, service or page on your website.

Pay Per Click advertising is an extremely effective way to achieve top ranking positions on search engines for the keywords of your choice.

You’ll have the luxury of creating ads that appear for the keywords of your choice, at the times of your choice, within the budget of your choice and right down to the geographical area of your choice.

While Pay Per Click advertising can be an extremely effective way to bring yourself new business, without the proper education and knowledge of working it’s systems to your advantage, it can also be a huge money pit and waste of time.

Read our article on AdWords, proceed with caution to learn more about the potential dangers of not understand some fundamentals when it comes to Pay per click advertising.

If you’re considering using Google AdWords or another pay per click program, understand that you must first ensure your website is converting and providing exactly what your target audience is looking for. The better your website is able to deliver, the more effective your marketing efforts will be.

Pay Per Click advertising can yield you incredible results. In some cases we have seen clients pay $50 dollars and yield profit up to 50x that investment. This gives you the potential to grow your business beyond what you can imagine, especially if you continue to reinvest your profit back into more advertising.

If you’d like to begin driving new potential leads to your business online with Pay Per Click advertising, we offer the expertise and knowledge to get you setup effectively online and attracting new business immediately. Contact us to talk about what we can do for you online or explore our Web Marketing services to learn more about what and how we help our clients.

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